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The Size of the Pieces of Peace

Guy Bonsai

The peace process as going on in each of our minds

All of us know them: grains of thought that make this world a better place the moment we catch them.

If only our private grains could be profitably added to the whole . . .

Well, they can and they are. It is exactly what is going on right now: grinding the big powerful ideas that rule this world, until all individual contributions are set free to move; and we call it democracy. We may have a long way to go yet. All the more reason to join the journey.

We know the symptoms of progress: every moment we produce or see a smile it is certain that the person behind that smile got a grain of thought that felt right; now visible. This is how they spread: they are open votes, for all to see.

And you know something: those grains are pixels and together we're a screen.


For the philosophical background see

Bonsai’s website: Response Ability

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ondag 5 februari, en in ieder geval ook maandag 6 februari, rijdt NS een aangepaste dienstregeling. ProRail heeft aangegeven dat door de strenge vorst het spoor, wissels en bovenleidingen storingsgevoelig blijven.

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